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In 2020, Museum SAN is set to hold the sixth ordinarily held exhibition of Looking into Korean Art VI: Printmaking that offers a glimpse into the flow of modern and contemporary Korean art. In printmaking, printing behavior has been recognized as critical in the present age, and the definition of printing has been broadened due to the emergence of cutting-edge technology. Given that, the initial movement of printmaking in Korea is believed to be in the mid-1950s after the Korean War. Under such circumstances, the museum SAN explores the trace of Korean modern printmaking from the 1950s to the 1980s through the exhibition that consists of museum SAN's collections.

The composition of the entire exhibition is categorized by four eras; The Initial Movement of Korea Modern Printmaking during the 1950s, Settlement of Printmaking during the 1960s, the spread of Printmaking during 1970s, and Leap of Printmaking during 1980s. The group of artists participating in this exhibition includes Jeong Gyu, Lee Hangsung, You Gangryul, Youn Myeungro, Kim Hyungdae, Suh Seungwon, Kim Bongtae, Kim Kulim, Park Rehyun, Song Burnsoo, Han Mook, Han UnSung, Hwang KyuBaik, Kim SangKu, and Oh Yoon, Kim Taeho, Chang Hwajin, Ha Dongchul. And this year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Park Rehyun. Museum SAN specially organizes the corner for Park Rehyun's printmaking to honor the work the artist Park accomplished.

[Current Exhibition] Looking into Korean Art, Part Ⅵ: Printmaking
Exhibition Period : 2020-09-26 ~ 2021-02-28

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