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The exhibition the Museum SAN planned for September 2017 is “Paper taking shape, Paper Sculpture”. In the past, the Museum SAN has been steadily holding exhibitions related to paper including “Forms and drawing as a reason” in the second half of 2014, “The white echo, Hanji’s emotion and contemporary art” in the first half of 2015, “Engraving, bloom again” in the second half of 2015, “Pictures with stories, illustrations” in the second half of 2016. This exhibition is yet another exhibition related to paper designed to take a closer look at the aspect of sculpting and to think about the distinctive characteristics of paper different from other materials.

[Current Exhibition] Introduction to Paper Taking Shape
Exhibition Period : 2017-09-22 ~ 2018-03-04

The Hansol Paper Museum founded in 1997 was Korea’s first museum specializing in paper and dedicated to collecting, researching and preserving diverse arts, crafts and books made of paper. Its collection includes many national treasures and significant cultural heritage. The gallery presents exhibitions and educational programs which show the history of paper from its origins to its current uses. The visitors will rediscover the value and significance of paper.