• James Turrell
  • Sunset Program

Another exceptional opportunity for the visitors runs a program of sunset viewing in James Turrell Installation. The composition of light compliments the natural light present at twilight, and transforms the Skyspace into a locale for experiencing beauty and reflective interactions with the surrounding the natural world.

※ Exhibition is closed during the program
One-day visitors are advised to view the exhibition before participating in the program

Dates Fridays and Saturdays
* Viewing times for sunset light sequences, along with pre-reservation and logical information.
Time Required Approx.70 minutes
Fee Members of type A & N are FREE at once (30,000 KRW for revisit)
Non-Members are 50,000 KRW (Museum admission separated)
Reservation Pre-reservation is required at least a week before the visit.
e-mail. sl.lee@hansol.com
Tel. +82(0)33-730-9013