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The Museum SAN(Space Art Nature) peacefully located in a beautiful natural environment is designed by Tadao Ando, the master of minimalist architecture constructed with concrete.
It opened in May, 2013 with the completion of James Turrell’s work.

From the Museum’s Welcome Center and the grass parking lot a walking path continues through the Flower Garden, the Water Garden, the Main Building, the Stone Garden and finally to the James Turrell’s work. The winged structure of the Main Building composed of rectangular, triangular and round spaces, reflects the architect’s philosophy of connecting sky, earth and human.

The Museum SAN is a place where art and architecture are harmonized with natural surroundings and the changing of the four seasons. With the slogan “Disconnect to Connect,” the Museum provides the visitors with a true rest and relaxation for life through art and nature, paper and analog sensibility.

Please walk along slowly following your own mind.
We hope this encounter will be remembered as a “joyous meeting” for you.

We will cherish each step, each laugher and each smile of yours.